December Students of the Month


Sanai P
sanaiSanai has been selected as the Seuss room Student of the Month of December. Sanai consistently demonstrates STRETCH principles in the classroom. She follows classroom rules and expectations, and she displays a positive attitude towards learning. She is an excellent listener and she likes to collaborate with her peers in the classroom.    Sanai is respectful to peers and teachers. Congratulations Sanai! Keep up the good work!

Leighton D 
leightonLeighton is a very sweet and typical child who loves to be with his friends and have fun. He deserves to be recognized as December's Student of the Month because he has worked exceptionally hard on displaying self- control and being respectful towards others. He has been consistent in displaying these qualities and feel that he should know that his effort has not gone unnoticed. Congratulations Leighton!

Tamia B 
tamiaTamia has shown an immense amount of thoughtfulness in the classroom.  She is quick to help her friends’ complete activities and keep them on task. Tamia demonstrates great leadership abilities.  


Angelina P
angelinaAngelina exhibits self-control every day that she comes to school. She follows directions, does not let herself get distracted by others and focuses on the tasks ahead of her. She is hardworking and takes pride in her work. She is also empathetic towards others and gets along well with her classmates. She is a pleasure to have in class.

Zion A  
zionZion has been a model student since the first day of kindergarten as he consistently demonstrates our S.T.R.E.T.C.H. principles. He is always hardworking and focused doing his personal best every day. He knows all of his sight words, and takes pride in his work. He is a thoughtful friend and is always lending a helping hand, whether it is counting, writing, opening a snack or tying a shoe. He is very conscientious and responsible. He is always role-model and exhibits self-control even in difficult situations. Zion comes to school every day excited to learn!

Avree L

avreeAvree consistently demonstrates STRETCh principles during each day. She is a positive role model and very hard working as she completes assignments quietly and carefully in a timely manner. She is thoughtful and patient and helpful to her classmates. Avree is always volunteering to help out around the classroom and is a true leader. She is a great listener and follows all classroom rules.


First Grade

Alexis G  
alexisAlexis is someone who comes in everyday ready to learn. She practices the STRETCH principles each day and always tries to help her friends make great choices throughout the day as well.  Whenever we are working, she puts forth her best effort and has really made a lot of growth since the beginning of the year.  These reasons are why Alexis has been chosen as Student of the Month. 

Chloe N
choleChloe is our student of the month for being responsible. She comes in everyday and knows exactly what to do without being asked. Chloe works very hard to do her very best, even when work is a little challenging. When other students aren’t making great choices, she gives them a kind reminder of what to do, or ignores them. Chloe is always very kind to everyone and for these reasons, and many more, she is our student of the month.

Saniya S
saniyaSaniya is respectful, responsible and humble. She is a helpful friend to all of her classmates. She praises her friends when they do well and she is patient and kind when her friends need an extra reminder. Since the first day of school Saniya has served as a role model in our classroom community. I know that Saniya will continue to do wonderful things for our world. We feel so lucky to have Saniya as a student in our class!

Second Grade

Egypt G
egyptEgypt is always excited and eager to study new things. He brings his passion of learning to our classroom each and every day. Egypt is very responsible and continually completes his homework and class work neatly. He is a caring and empathetic friend who always wants to help someone in need. One of his New Year’s resolutions is to help his classmates learn. Egypt always thinks of others before himself and has worked extremely hard so far this year. 

Leonel M
leonelHe consistently follows the STRETCH principles and always goes above and beyond expectations. He does his homework every day. He works very hard on all his assignments and consistently puts his best effort. He takes pride in all his work. He is very polite and respectful to the teachers. He is very helpful and kind to his classmates and is a friend to all of his peers. He comes to school with great enthusiasm and ready to learn. Keep up the excellent work Leonel!

Third Grade

Chy’kem S
chykeemChy’keem has been chosen as student of the month for December.  Chy’keem has a very positive and fun personality, which is infectious to those around her.  He always seems to look on the bright side and makes every day a good day.  Chy’keem can be depended upon to work well with all of his classmates and is willing to help everyone, such as lending others his pencils.  He is an excellent student and is very responsible. Chy’keem has handed in his homework everyday this month. Congratulations, Chy’keem!

Armoni H
armoniArmoni is the student of the month because she strives to do her best each day.  Her excellent work ethic is a result of her tenacious energy to excel academically. She is a natural leader and can often be found helping others in small groups, as well as organizing a game at recess. She is a pleasure to have in class.

Arlyn W
arlynThis SOM recipient has shown great improvement in all areas of the classroom and school. He has become a leader and great friend to many. This student is always willing to aid a classmate, and help staff around the school. He has become a self-motivator, and a consistent academic scholar. We would like to take this time to congratulate Arlyn as our December SOM. 



Fourth Grade

Heaven D
heavenThe student of the month who I have chosen for Dunbar homeroom is Heaven. She has done a complete turn-around in her behavior this month. After meeting with her family at a conference in December, we came together to devise a plan to have Heaven be more successful. This success is in large part to her determination to become a better student, both academically and behaviorally. She has been very motivated to keep herself out of dramatic situations that occur in class daily. She does her best and that has been recognized and applauded! Way to go Heaven!
Amen-Ra D
amenraI would like to nominate Amen-Ra for student of the month! Amen-Ra has been working extremely hard on both his behavior and his academics. He continues to mature each day into an intelligent and responsible young man. Myself and Mrs. Mercer have been witnessing Amen-Ra taking his school work very seriously and we are proud of him. Keep up the good work!

Fifth Grade

Dysean E
dyseanThere are many qualities that Dysean possesses that qualify him to be student of the month. He comes to school each day prepared with work in hand. He is always respectful to adults and students he encounters through the day. Dysean comes to school each day armed with the tools needed to tackle the day’s difficult tasks head on! Dysean is a role model for all students and it gives me pleasure to make him my December student of the month.

Qu’Ran H
quaranQu’Ran has made significant progress in the area of self-control.  Instead of becoming distracted and fooling around with other classmates he has learned to remove himself from negative situations.  He is a great self-advocator, and he often asks to move his seat in order to concentrate on his work and do well. While Qu’Ran still has more work to do in order to exhibit all of our STRETCH principles, he has already taken steps in the right direction.  

Sixth Grade

Jaelin H
jaelinJaelin has worked so hard this year and earned straight A’s in his most recent progress report. He has never missed his homework or a day of school! So glad to name him December student of the month! 

Brandon O
brandonI am proud of Brandon. He consistently practices and applies the STRETCH principles every day. He always comes to school ready and willing to work hard and rises to any challenge. It is clearly evident through this student’s work ethic and outstanding grades that school work is a top priority.  His admirable qualities and kindness sets a standard that rubs off on everybody around him.  I am very happy and proud to name Brandon as Student of the Month for December!  Congratulations Brandon!

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Domonique E
domoniqueDomonique is our December Student of the Month. She started this year as one of the new students in 7th grade, and in a short amount of time Domonique settled in and made new friends. Domonique exemplifies several of NBFA’s STRETCH principles, including thoughtful, hard-working, responsible, and conscientious. Domonique comes to school every day prepared for her classes, and since the very beginning of the school year, she has strived to learn and master new material. She participates regularly in class and when the teacher asks for volunteers to help out her hand goes up right away. Congratulations, Domonique. Keep up the great work! 

Christian M
christianChristian has been chosen for December’s Student of the Month for the Mandela homeroom. Every day he comes to school prepared and ready to learn.  From the beginning of the day he greets students and teachers with a “Good Morning”, and throughout the day he is prepared for each of his classes.  He works hard on his class assignments, participates in class discussion and engages in the lesson.  Most of all this student is very respectful to the adults in the building.  He always replies with a, “Yes, Mrs. O’Marra” or with a “Thank you or No thank you.”  Myself and the other teachers on the team see varies STRETCH principles displayed by this student such as THOUGHTFUL, HARDWORKING and SELF-CONTROL.  I am very happy and excited to give this award to Christian.

Carlos L
carlosCarlos consistently comes to class ready to learn.  On a daily basis, he is always displaying the STRETCH principles.  He consistently demonstrates self-control, he is thoughtful on his actions, he is responsible and empathetic. His tenacious, conscientious, and hard-working character traits are reflected in the high quality of work he produces. He is an asset to the class and it is always a pleasure having him in class. Congratulations, Carlos!

Miguel B

miguelMiguel is a complete pleasure to be around.  He is quiet but his presence is strong because of his kindness.  He works hard, helps anyone who asks for help (and even those who don’t) and does so with a smile on his face.  He can always be counted on to do the right thing. His school work doesn’t always come easy to him but he continues to strive to do his best and for that he is a standout student.