Office of Student and Family Services


The Office of Student and Family Services was established in January of 2012 to strengthen the home-school collaboration. A licensed school psychologist offers an array of student centered services -- individual and group counseling, academic/behavior plans, bully prevention – to support the parents and guardians of NBFA. A family liaison works to connect NBFA students and their families with academic and engagement opportunities. A social worker connects students and families with community resources. Some highlights of the Office of Student and Family Services include:

Focuses on raising healthy kids physically, educationally and emotionally (i.e. nutrition with hands-on cooking demonstrations, stress mediation for families, internet safety, and child development).

Establish the home/school bridge that allows families in crisis to access the clinical services provided by NBFA’s professional staff and interns. School-based resources include group support, individualized counseling both at school and in the home, and community-based referrals when appropriate.

Community-building activities include family movie nights, potluck dinners, links to community events, discount tickets to sports, plays, museums and more.

Team up with local agencies to ensure quick responses to NBFA students and families whenever a need develops.