At New Beginnings Family Academy, we believe our entire community must commit to a culture that is unique and counter to some of the norms of today’s society. The hallmark of our culture will be a community that is positive, uplifting, forward thinking and hardworking, ever reaching for the stars. 

To meet the expectations of our mission and culture, we must have core values that are both demonstrable and measurable. STRETCH is our articulation of these standards: 

Self-Controlled: I can regulate my own behavior and make good choices when tempted otherwise.

Thoughtful: I am considerate of others and the world around me.

Responsible: I take ownership of my work and behavior and fulfill all expectations.

Empathetic: I can relate to and understand how others feel.

Tenacious: I am persistent in overcoming obstacles and do not give up.

Collaborative:I can compromise and work well with others.

Hard Working: I always try to do my best.