Who we are

MISSION STATEMENT: New Beginnings Family Academy provides students a meaningful, high-quality education through experience-based learning that helps develop essential social, emotional and critical-thinking skills. This gives all children a foundation to achieve their full potential at every stage of life. 

NBFA is the state’s only progressive Pre-K - grade 8 public charter school with emotionally responsive practices. This student-centered approach is steeped in child development, experience-based learning and encourages children to make meaning of the world around them by engaging in hands-on activities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Located in Connecticut's largest and one of its poorest cities - where the high school dropout rate is nearly 50% and the local district struggles to overcome some of the lowest standardized test scores in the state - New Beginnings Family Academy distinguishes itself through rigorous academic and character building curricula focused on the social and emotional needs of students, strong instructional leadership, and a diversely talented teaching staff.

Our goals are to:

  • Deeply understand our students and their needs by building relationships in the classroom
  • Provide integrated instruction that make learning come alive and relevant to students
  • Facilitate learning in a way that is affirming and respectful of the diverse learning needs and styles of each student
  • Weave emotionally-responsive practices into all of our classrooms to enable students to learn optimally


Integrated Thematic Instructional Approach
Teaching is approached through a central concept that unifies all the disciplines. This is a creative and exciting approach for learners as it enables them to notice connections between various subjects. Learning, therefore, becomes a continuous process that extends beyond textbooks or prescribed curriculum.

Project based Learning
Through this approach, emphasis is placed on both the process and product that represents learning as students are asked to apply learnt knowledge by problem solving, analyzing, researching, and creating artifacts.

Through a focus on providing rigorous education, NBFA students consistently outperform their peers in the district and rival state scores on standardized exams. Our graduates demonstrate the lasting value of a quality, well-rounded education at New Beginnings Family Academy. Distinguished students have been awarded scholarships to Fairfield College Preparatory School, Greens Farms Academy, Hopkins School, St. Luke's School and Notre Dame High School, just to name a few.


New Beginnings Family Academy believes that building relationships with students, and understanding what their needs are, is central to educating the whole child. NBFA is a member of the Community of Safe and Sound Schools, which offer Emotionally Responsive Practices to students to ensure both their emotional and their academic needs are being met. The emotionally responsive curriculum allows teachers and staff to address unresolved issues and enhance children's attention and motivation for learning.

Additionally, NBFA uses Responsive Classroom as a way to structure the day with a social-emotional focus and Restorative Practices when a small-group focused intervention is needed in or outside of the classroom.