Facts and Myths

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Myth: Only Unexcused absences matter.

Fact: All absences matter. Every absence is a missed opportunity to learn!



Myth: A couple of absent days per month is not a big deal.

Fact: Just 2 days each month add up to 20 days each school year = CHRONIC ABSENCE!!!!!
Chronic absence is associated with a lack of certain social skills: ability to pay attention, work independently, adapt to change and persist in tasks.



Myth: If students can make up the work, then absences don’t affect their learning.

Fact: Students only benefit from class instruction if they are in class.



Myth: It’s ok to miss time during the first month of school because not much new learning is happening.



Fact: Poor attendance in the first month can predict chronic absence and poor behavior for the entire year.

Myth: Attendance only matters in upper grades.

Fact: Absenteeism in Pre-K and Kindergarten can predict whether a child will be held back in the 3rd grade.



Myth: If my child is passing, then attendance doesn’t matter.

Fact: Absenteeism as early as 6th grade becomes an indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

How can you help?

  • Plan vacations during non-school days
  • Schedule your child’s medical and dental appointments at the end of the school day
  • Make sure they come to school every day unless they are legitimately ill