Forms And Protocol


To determine the health status of students, facilitate the removal of disabilities to learning and find whether some special adaptation of the school program may be necessary, the Board of Directors requires that students have health assessments. The Board adheres to state laws and regulations that pertain to school immunizations and health assessments. It is the policy of the Board to ensure that all enrolled students are adequately immunized against communicable diseases. The Board may deny continued attendance in school to any student who fails to obtain the health assessments required under C.G.S. 10-206, as may be periodically amended. Parents wishing their children exempted or excused from health assessments must request such exemption to the Head of School in writing. This request must be signed by the parent/guardian. All medical/health information and records are strictly confidential.

The state of Connecticut Department of Public Health requires students entering Kindergarten, 6/7th grade, and 10th grade to have full health assessments and immunization requirements met prior to entering these grades. 

Printable Health Assessment Record Form


Prescription medications shall be administered in the school only when they cannot be administered at home and only with written authorization. If your child needs his/her medication administered at school you must submit the following to the school nurse:

  • Medication must be labeled and in original packaging
  • Written authorization from medical professional
  • Written authorization from parent or guardian

 Depending on the conditions or medications, additional forms may be required. Please make an appointment with the school nurse to discuss. In an emergency, if the student's physician or the school district medical advisor is not immediately available, any physician (MD) may be called to take appropriate emergency measures.


Any accident involving more than minor bruises or scrapes is recorded on an Accident Report Form and filed in the school office. Minor interventions are documented by the nurse who notifies parents that first aid measures were carried out. Major accidents that require specialized physician’s attention will be referred to the hospital.